Help for Traveling Kitesurfers

Traveling is stressful at the best of times – despite that many of us enjoy it. The key to smooth traveling is preparation and planning. The most important thing for a traveling kitesurfer is to make sure your luggage is packed properly so it will not get damaged in transit and is within the weight limits. Weight limits are getting more and more strict every year and the budget airlines especially have a mercenary approach to sports luggage in general let alone overweight luggage. The likes of Ryanair charge £20 per KG over the weight limit. This can soon make your costs escalate. The old tricks like using “golf bags” ie board bags made to look like golf bags are long gone. There are fewer airlines providing free carriage for golf equipment now.

Modern kites have huge depower ranges therefore we can already travel a bit lighter by taking fewer kites. Inflatable kites are still very bulky and having to carry a pump adds weight. Swapping to foil kites can create huge savings in terms of space and weight. Once the air is squeezed out of them they pack down very small indeed. On top of this in the case of Flysurfer you are able to purchase the kites in a deluxe model. These kites use a different fabric from the standard models which is almost half the weight. When you consider a kite of twelve square metres that is going to be a good saving in both pack size and weight.

The next thing to consider is packing. Kitesurf boards are fragile and do not take well to knocks on the edges. As well as using a padded kitesurf bag it is recommended to wrap your kites around the edges of the board. By having kites flat around the board instead of in bags it also reduces the bulkiness.

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